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Upcycle baby custom clothing

Upcycle Baby Custom Orders - Custom Designs & Sizes

If you have a t-shirt that you would like used to create a custom piece of clothing I would love to work with you. Contact me and we can discuss how your favorite band, brand, team or event might be featured on your child’s clothing. Turn that tacky souvenier t-shirt that you will never wear into a hip upcycled garment that will catch everybody’s attention! Some of our favorite designs have featured t-shirts from Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, Burlington City Marathon, and various colleges and universities. There is no additional charge for using your own t-shirts to have a custom Upcycle Baby product from our line. However, we do ask that you cover shipping costs.
We have also created custom quilts of t-shirt collections.  Note, there is an additional charge for these projects. Contact us directly about pricing for a quilt or other project, or to discuss other custom ideas.

Since one of our little girls had a "6 month" size waist at the age of 2 and still doesn't fit into most commercial clothing we know first hand that kids come in all shapes and sizes. Finding clothes that fit can often be a difficult task. The elastic waistband and adjustable qualities of our clothing make them an easier fit, but we can also work with you on custom sizing orders if you wish. Feel free to contact us with your child’s measurements and I will do my best to create a sure fit.

Upcycle Baby - Eco-friendly clothing handmade in Vermont